Curtin University Exchange Project

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Curtin University Exchange Project

Location: Perth WA

Project Engagement: Nettleton Tribe

Completion Date: January 2022

During 2021 /2022 Atama Furniture was contracted to supply approximately 2000 pieces of loose furniture into three new multi-story buildings on the Curtin University site.

Fit out occurred predominantly to student common areas, but also included offices, dining halls, music rooms, conference areas, bar / café areas and laundries.

The contract included the manufacture of standard and customised furniture (tables, chairs, sofas, desking, bean loungers) demonstrating Atama’s flexibility to project needs. Installation occurred over a period of six weeks and required integration with a live building site together with the constraints that are embedded in late stage construction projects.

Atama delivered the project on time and under the client budget with minimal variations.

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