John Henry Newman Learning Hub

Education & Training

Project Type:

John Henry Newman Learning Hub

Location: Churchlands WA

Project Engagement: Munns Sly Moore Architects

Completion Date: February 2021

The John Henry Newman Learning Hub is a newly commissioned stateof-the art learning facility opened in 2021. The design was based on the ‘Education Brief’ from award winning education consultant Jeff Philips.

The Munns Sly Moore architecturally designed Hub features new glass fronted classrooms with connected breakout learning spaces, a magnificent library with two vast library learning areas, a STEM display zone, private student study rooms, and a custom designed education support centre including a life-skills learning area.

Atama Furniture had the opportunity to provide loose furniture items throughout that adhered closely with the design intent.

The building was opened in 2021 and represents the primary learning area for the College.

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